4Qua Of OrioN Releases ‘4QuaZulu’

London-based singer-songwriter, 4Qua Of OrioN, has just released his latest single ‘4QuaZulu’, and it’s definitely one you do not want to miss! The song, which is available to stream on all major platforms, offers a unique blend of various genres and styles while remaining true to its afro-pop foundation.

‘4QuaZulu’ takes centre stage right away with its vivid intensity, and 4Qua Of OrioN’s passion shines through with every note he delivers. Also, the groovy hooks, foot-tapping hits, and gripping bass lines will keep you moving to the beat, while the plethora of sounds that emerge as the song progresses provide a welcome surprise.

4Qua Of OrioN is known for breaking down musical barriers and pushing limits, and this latest release is no exception. Furthermore, ‘4QuaZulu’ demonstrates his artistic ability and versatility as a musician, providing a sound that is both unique and captivating, as well as pleasing to everyone who hears it!

Speaking about the new release, 4Qua Of OrioN said: “I’m excited to share this new track with my fans. I wanted to create something that would stand out and be different from what’s out there. With ‘4QuaZulu’, I was able to combine different genres and styles and make it my own. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed creating it.”

The single has already gained attention from music lovers and industry insiders alike, with many praising 4Qua Of OrioN’s innovative approach to music-making. Also ‘4QuaZulu’ is just the latest addition to his growing catalogue of hits and is sure to become a new fan favourite.